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Connecting The World With IOTA

IOTA (Internet-of-Things Association) announced a partnership with Microsoft and Samsung among other major corporations this past week to create a “data marketplace,” sending the price of the currency skyward this past week.[1] A 90% jump in the spot price of the currency has launched IOTA to the fourth largest market capitalization in the cryptocurrency space.[2] The organization is creating a foundation for the Internet-of-Things using a decentralized platform requiring no fees to allow devices to trade specific amounts of resources like data or energy in real-time.[3] In addition to data exchange, proposed applications include micro-transactions, voting, encrypted communications, and platforms for the sharing economy. Internet-of-Things (IoT) is a rapidly developing sector of technology working out the best way to create a connect the computers that run everything from the your phone and the electrical grid, to cars and the appliances in your home to the internet.[4] Connecting all …