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As Smart Contract Platforms Make Waves, Waves Makes A Smart Contract Platform

Waves operates a Smart Contract Platform (SCP) founded in 2016 that allows users to store, trade, and mange their own digital assets using their native currency WAVES and the Waves client incorporating a multi-currency wallet, a system for releasing tokens, and a decentralized exchange. According to the Waves website (, over 4,500 tokens have been released on the Waves platform accounting for over $1 billion in market capitalization. The Waves network uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm that rewards participants who “stake” their currency with a commission from the transactions made on the network. Transferring funds or placing market orders incurs a minimum fee of 0.001 WAVES and issuing new tokens costs 1 WAVES, with commissions paid to those who have staked their WAVES tokens.
Founded by Alexander “Sasha” Ivanov in 2016 with Phil Filippak as Lead Front-End Developer, the Russian platform aims to create an infrastructure for entrepreneurship out of t…